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5 Fatal Website Flaws


A poorly built website not only looks bad, it could also be costing you money and losing you leads. Think of it like this: your website is your online storefront. There are millions of people online who can find you, and as far as consumers are concerned, a business that doesn't maintain their site isn't maintaining their business.

Here are 5 website flaws that could be hurting your business:

1. Your website is not mobile-optimized.

Your site must be fully functional on a phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. People have come to expect this, and if they have to pinch or pull at their screen to navigate your site, they’ll move on to a site that's more convenient.

Did you know…?

  • 1.75 million people own a smartphone.
  • 60% of people use their mobile devices to look up businesses.
  • 61% of people searching for businesses on their smartphones will leave your site for a competitor's if yours is not mobile-optimized.
2. Your website does not list your contact information or location.

Not publishing your contact information on a website is like cutting off communication with your customers. If potential customers don't know where to find you or how to get in touch, you're basically telling them you don't want their business.

3. Your website lacks a call-to-action.

Not including a call-to-action on your website is like leading your customers to a dead-end. A call-to-action is a phrase on your site that prompts visitors to act. Without one, you're not directing visitors to do what you want them to do: call, book and buy online, or walk through your doors.

4. Your website is text heavy.

The less text the better. Need to explain complex ideas? Featuring a video on your site will help you communicate without overloading visitors with information.

5. Your website is difficult to find online.

Lacking HD imagery? Missing social media? Don’t have a blog? These are all key contributors to your search engine optimization (SEO). An outdated or poorly built website typically lacks these elements, making it harder for search engines to find you.

If your website has any of these 5 flaws, it’s time for an upgrade. It’s never to late to update your website – and the sooner you update, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits.

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