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Featured Post: Make a Winning First Impression Online

First impressions matter. Here are five tips for how to impress people with your online presence from the start.

5 Ways to Reward Your Social Media Followers
By Kathleen Montecillo


Your followers on social media support your company online and that’s a nice thing for them to do. They help spread the word about your business and telling them “Hey, thanks!” every once and a while can go a long way — because your followers and customers like feeling appreciated. Rewarding them for their support strengthens their loyalty to your brand and encourages them to continue engaging with you. Here are five ways to show your followers a little extra love.

1. Share your knowledge.

An easy way to show your appreciation for your followers is to share what you know. And bonus: It’s free! As an expert in your field, you know lots of things your customers probably don’t. Sharing your knowledge with a how-to blog post, list of tips, or infographic is an easy way for you to have your followers’ back — it establishes you as a trusted expert and a source of helpful information.

2. Create exclusive offers.

Developing offers exclusively for your social media followers isn’t just a great way to show them your appreciation — it also attracts new followers to your platforms. Try sharing a coupon or discount on your Facebook page. These offers remind people about the perks of following you and give your customers incentive to join you on social media if they haven’t already.

3. Host special events.

Inviting your followers to a customer appreciation event can be an extra special way of showing how much you’ll do for your favorite customers. Offer early, exclusive access to a sale or the launching of a new product. Special events are unique because they give you the opportunity to connect with your customers face-to-face, and nothing beats that.

4. Acknowledge your fans.

Sometimes showing gratitude to your supporters is as easy as listening to what they’re saying. Responding thoughtfully to their comments encourages them to engage with you and shows followers you care about what they have to say. Try reposting your followers’ photos on Instagram and retweeting your fans. Never miss an opportunity to say “Thank you!” when your followers show support.

5. Give away some swag.

Giving away some free stuff to your social media crew shows your brand’s generosity — and it can also spread the word about the great quality of your products. Encourage customers to enter a contest by posting a photo with your product on Instagram. This is a fun way to connect your customers with your brand and it’s effective because nothing motivates quite as well as “free.”

There’s lots to keep in mind when it comes to social media, and we’d like to make things easier. We have tools that do some of the work for you. Call us at 844-207-9038 or email to learn how we can help.