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6 Must-Do’s When Using Stock Photos on Your Site

By Kathleen Montecillo


The photos on your site matter A LOT, and that’s because images are powerful. They capture attention, make connections, and communicate a bunch about your brand. Using stock photos is a convenient alternative to custom professional photography, but stock photos are tricky — bad ones can hurt your brand’s image, and trust us, there are a lot of duds out there. But we’re here to help. Here are six must-do’s if you’re using stock photography on your site.

1. Choose relevant images.

It’s important to use space on your site wisely. That means there’s no room for photos that aren’t related to your business. And if someone visits your site and sees an image that has nothing to do with your company, you can bet they’ll be confused. Stick to using images that are relevant to what you do and help communicate your overall message.

2. Stay on brand.

The trick to choosing stock photos is to make sure they fit in seamlessly with your brand’s image. Check that each one you use complements your branding. This helps you steer clear of any inauthentic looking shots — and guarantees the photos you use on your site look like they belong there.

3. Avoid anything too “stock-photo-ish."

Not all stock photos are created equal and we all know a bad one when we see it — a group of professionals with perfect smiles sitting in a sterile-looking conference room and having the time of their lives ... Sound familiar? The photos you use on your site should be believable so avoid these generic shots, especially when choosing pictures of people.

4. Consider your audience.

Like everything else related to your site, your photos should be selected with your audience in mind. Before settling on an image, ask yourself whether or not it will resonate with your customer. That way you focus on images that speak to them, appeal to their aesthetic, and show them why you’re valuable.

5. Know when to give credit.

When using stock photos, make sure you know when to give credit where it’s due. Some licenses allow you to use a purchased photo however you’d like, while others have certain restrictions and require you to credit the photographer. So do your research before making any purchases to know exactly what you’re getting.

6. Update your photos regularly.

Making regular updates to your site is essential and changing up your images every so often is no exception. This helps you stay on top of photography trends and avoid dated-looking photos. It also keeps the content on your site fresh, reminding customers your business is alive, well, and still relevant.

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