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6 Ways to Make Your Procrastination Productive
By Kathleen Montecillo


We’ve all been there. We have a super important thing that absolutely needs to get done/needed to get done like, yesterday. But for whatever reason, it’s just not happening. And then it hits you: GUILT. All good procrastinators know it goes hand in hand with putting off what you need to do. But that’s not always how this whole procrastination thing needs to go down. Next time you’d rather do just about anything than do the thing, remember these six ways to make your time spent procrastinating really productive.

Commence Software Update

“Does an update need to happen every day or can I live?” you ask as your computer reminds you that you’re due for a software update (we’re looking at you iTunes). Most days you don’t have time to sit around while your computer does its update thing, but today you do. So get it done and pat yourself on the back because when you’re finally ready to work, you’ll have super software on your side.

Watch a TED Talk or Ten

Instead of getting caught up in watching random music videos on YouTube, watch some TED talks that will teach you something new. A good TED talk can spark your creativity and challenge you to think differently  —  both great ways to use your time, even on the most productive of days.

Holla at a Friend

You never know where a good conversation will get you, so make that phone call you’ve been putting off. Sometimes a single good talk can provide the inspiration you need when you get down to business. And if it doesn’t? You still spent time talking it out with a buddy, and in a life where it’s sometimes hard to make time for friend stuff, that’s a job well done.

Move Your Body

Rather than planting yourself in front of your computer and scrolling endlessly through your social media feeds, get up and move. A change of scenery can do a lot of good and getting the blood flowing might give you that extra boost of energy you need. And if it doesn’t, at least you got some exercise (we hear that’s good for you).


When your thoughts are scattered and you can’t seem to focus, try clearing your space. Get rid of any distracting clutter, messes, or anything that might compete for your attention when you get to work. The future, productive you will say thanks for eliminating some distractions.

Start Small

It might not be your number one priority right now, but that’s OK. It’s something, and sometimes checking one thing off our to-do lists is enough to motivate us to keep going. So run that errand you’ve been putting off or empty the dishwasher. It feels good to get stuff done right?

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