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7 Tips for Your Holiday Social Media Strategy
By Brianne Martin


It’s the busiest time of the year and social media may not be high on your monster list of priorities. But it’s never been more important for it to keep up. ­Read on for our top seven tips for fine-tuning your social strategy this holiday season.

Schedule posts ahead of time.

If there’s one thing we know about the holidays, it’s that time runs short. Avoid stress by planning and scheduling your social media posts in advance. By the time the holidays reach their peak, you’ll be happy to be hands off.

Share your holiday hours.

Maybe you’ll be working extended hours during the holiday season, or you might be closing up shop for a while. Either way, don’t leave your customers in the dark. Share your holiday hours on your social media and website, too.

Create holiday-themed content.

If you’re running out of ideas for content, get ready for a boost. It’s the perfect time to get extra creative and infuse your content with some festive spirit. A gift guide, product highlights, advice on how to throw a unique holiday gathering — anything your followers will find helpful is a good idea.

Highlight what’s close to your heart.

You’re on social media to promote your brand, but your tone during the holidays shouldn’t just be “sell, sell, sell.” Remember to keep it human. Share a customer’s story that hits home or highlight a charity you’re involved with. Now’s a good time to take the focus off you.

Reward followers with an exclusive offer.

Chances are one of the reasons why people follow you on social is to get access to exclusive content. This season is the best time to give them what they want. Share a coupon that screams “good deal” or host a giveaway that reminds people why you’re a good follow.

Stay responsive.

Customers are going to need your support during the holidays and they’re probably going to reach out on your social platforms. Stay on top of messages and don’t leave any of their questions unanswered.

Don’t forget to reflect.

The holidays are all about hustle, but they’re also a great time to reflect on the past year. Share some highlights with your followers and give them a peek at what to expect in 2019. And take stock of your social media strategy while you’re at it too. Note what worked and what didn’t.

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