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8 Reasons Why You Need to be Emailing Your Customers

By Brianne Slabach


You should be regularly communicating with your customers, and one of the best places to do it is in their email inbox. If you don’t think email is an effective way to reach customers, keep in mind that a lot of us are checking our email before we’re even out of bed. How’s that for effective?

Forget about email marketing being for big brands only. Small businesses can benefit from even a simple strategy. And with tools at your disposal, running an email campaign is probably far easier and more cost effective than you think. Here are the top reasons why you should get on board with email marketing.

1. Your customers love email.

Sure, email has been around forever, but people still love it. The average person checks their email 15 times a day. People are glued to it and it’s how they want to communicate with you. A phone call is hard to miss (even harder if you’re calling a millennial) and a social media post can get lost in a feed, but an email is sure to get delivered.

72% of consumers prefer to receive promotional messages through email, so why not give them what they want?

2. It’s an easy way to get personal.

People respond better to a message when it has a personal touch, and with email marketing, this is really easy to achieve. With audience segmentation, you can send highly personalized content your customer will respond to, unlike a one-size-fits-all marketing message on social, mailers, etc.

3. You can reach your customers on their mobile devices.

We’re attached to our phones and that means your customers are too. 47% of people check their email on mobile devices, so email is one of the best ways to reach people where they’re spending their time.

4. It’s simple to learn what works.

People either open an email or don’t. They either click on your CTA or don’t. With email marketing, success is pretty cut and dry. This makes it easy for you to see what works and what needs improvement. If your email marketing tool offers real-time analytics, your performance will be easy to track. No waiting to see if what you’re doing is actually working.

5. It’s a key way to build relationships with customers.

You need to make sure your business stays top of mind for your customers, and that means regular communication. Don’t let them go weeks and months without being reminded about why they love you. A company newsletter, a sale, an exciting new product – sharing what’s new means you’re never old news with your customers.

6. You can offer valuable information.

Not all your emails have to be about your latest and greatest sale. Since you’re an expert in your industry, you have a lot to offer your customers! Use email as a chance to educate and share info they can’t get anywhere else. It’s a great way to build trust and credibility with the people who matter.

7. It’s cost and time effective.

Unlike other marketing channels, think pay-per-click, direct mail, video marketing, etc., email marketing is fast and cheap. You’re not shooting a video or printing flyers, you’re creating an email, and email marketing tools make that pretty dang easy. With drag-and-drop templates, audience segmentation, and the like, creating an email is probably the easiest thing on your to-do list.

8. You’ll get a good return on your investment.

Because there aren’t big cost barriers to sending a marketing email, you’re sure to get a good ROI. And the best return you can get? Increased revenue. Consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers. How’s that for an incentive to start emailing?

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