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Featured Post: Make a Winning First Impression Online

First impressions matter. Here are five tips for how to impress people with your online presence from the start.

Decoding Your Website’s Analytics
By Kathleen Montecillo


At the mention of “website analytics” most people’s brains go on airplane mode. And we totally get that. But what sounds like a bunch of pointless number crunching is actually a foolproof way to find out what your site needs to stay on top. And the good news? We’ve done the hard part for you. Our analytics are presented in an easy-to-understand way that show you how your site is doing online with a single look. To make decoding your analytics even easier, here’s more info on the metrics that matter.


“Total visitors” means just what it sounds like — the total number of people who visit your site. “Unique visitors” means how many first-time visitors land on your site. Keeping track of these numbers shows you how well you’re doing at driving traffic.

Tip: If your visitor count isn’t where you want it to be, it might be time to rethink your keywords, up your social media game, or invest in online ads.

Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who immediately leave your site after opening it. Basically, a bouncy site isn’t good. It’s better for people to stick around and hear what you have to say. A bounce rate of 40% or less is considered competitive.

Tip: If yours is high, remember this: A sticky site is mobile optimized, has engaging content, optimized calls to action, and a good user experience.

Top Keywords

They’re an important part of SEO because they help connect you with the right searchers. Your top keywords show you what people are searching for most often to find your site. These tell you exactly what your customers are looking for and which keywords to focus on.

Tip: Remember, you’re never really done with keywords. Make sure they evolve with your site.

Top Pages

Your top pages are the ones that are most popular with visitors. Seeing what pages are capturing attention tells you how your content is working. Example: If people are frequenting a page, it’s because they’re finding that content engaging.

Tip: See what you’re doing right and apply this to others — that might mean adding more captivating visuals or engaging text to other pages on your site.

Top Referral Sites

Referral sites are websites that link to yours and when it comes to driving traffic to your site, they’re the top players. Your top referral sites show you exactly where your visitors are coming from.

Tip: Monitor this list to see your most effective links and where to focus your efforts.

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