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Featured Post: Make a Winning First Impression Online

First impressions matter. Here are five tips for how to impress people with your online presence from the start.


Good storytelling. And why your success depends on it.

By Kathleen Montecillo


Behind every business is a story … a story of perseverance, moments of panic, and lots of sleepless nights. Customers want to hear that story  —  the real, honest one they can relate to. The kind of story that shows them who you are and how you got here. And that story, the one that connects, can sell customers on your business. You don’t have to be an author, but you do have to tell it the right way. Here are five tips to help you share a story that makes customers fans of your brand.

1. Choose the right medium.

When a storyteller comes up with an idea, they need to decide where and how to tell it. The best place for entrepreneurs to share their stories is on their websites. Your website is where you have complete control over the story you share. You can tell it with words, videos, photos, or a combination of the three. But when it comes to storytelling, video is king  —  it shows people who you are and makes the best emotional connection.

2. Introduce the main characters.

Characters are the most important part of every story. That’s why you should tell your customers about your company’s heroes. Your business wouldn’t exist without the people who make things happen, so put a spotlight on them. A page on your site that shows off your team and gives information about each team member is the best place to present your key characters. It builds your customers’ trust and makes them feel more connected to your story.

3. Flash back to the past.

In literature, flashbacks tell readers about what came before. They give a story context and let them know how things started. Giving your customers a good flashback to the past tells them how your business began. It all started with a single idea. One you were passionate enough about to make huge sacrifices and work really hard for. Put that driving passion into words and show customers where you started.

4. Don’t gloss over the plot.

It might be tempting to share a story of your business that makes you the picture of perfect success, but every good plot has conflict. When you tell your story, don’t gloss over the parts that show you’re human. Your story probably includes moments of doubt and struggle  —  and that’s the kind of stuff people connect with. Everyone loves an underdog, so share the real story of how you got where you are today, setbacks and all.

5. Use a personal tone.

A writer’s tone comes through in what they say and how they say it, whether it’s a tone that’s serious, funny, informal, etc. When sharing your story, make sure your tone shows customers who you are. The tone or personality of your brand is what makes you unique and what will make people want to hear what you’re all about. Keep your tone consistent and make it one your customers find relatable.

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