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How Hip Are You on These Instagram Trends?

By Brianne Martin


Instagram has really upped its game lately. Now posting photos and videos isn’t enough – it’s all about interaction and showing followers what’s really going on in your world. Here are the top five features Instagram has most recently added to its platform.

Instagram Stories


If pushing “send” on your new post feels like too much pressure, you’ll love how casual Instagram stories are. Share 15-second videos and pictures from your camera roll, add GIFs, locations, filters, and hashtags, and they’ll stay on your Instagram for 24 hours. Instastories are the easiest way to show your followers what you’re up to without blasting their feed. They’re great for engagement and relationship building too: You can tag people in your stories to give them some cred, and followers can reply for instant feedback.

Instagram Live


Got a huge event going on and want your followers to be a part of it? Or just want to say “Hi” to your people like, now? Instagram Live makes it possible to broadcast in real time. Your followers can comment and even request to join your live feed to help create even more excitement around what you’ve got going on. If they miss the live broadcast, they can check it out later – it’ll hang around in your Instagram story (or Instastory) for another 24 hours after it’s posted.



Want your story to last longer than 24 hours? You can now pin your favorite stories to the top of your profile as “highlights.” And when you add a story as a highlight, it won’t expire. If you have old stories you’d like to bring back from the dead, check out your “Archive” folder. You can add the ones you love to your highlights and have some fun cringing at the rest.

Adding Multiple Photos

temp-post-image temp-post-image

Can’t pick just one photo for your post? No worries. You can now select up to ten photos and videos from your library and post them in one go, instead of posting a bunch of stuff separately, risking some unfollows.

Instagram Ads


Instagram now offers advertising, so you can meet your followers right where they are. Select from video ads, image carousels, story ads, and more. If you’re hoping to grow your Instagram following, this could be a great way to get in front of the right people.

Instagram is one of the most loved social platforms, but don’t forget about all the other platforms! Mopro has tools to make social posting even easier. Email to get started.