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How Twitter Can Help Your SEO

By Kathleen Montecillo

A deal has been reached that will make tweets more searchable on Google.


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced that the social media site is giving Google full access to its feed, allowing the search engine to present relevant tweets in search results as they are posted.

With tweets being displayed on Google in real-time, every post has the potential to reach a bigger audience than the user’s followers alone.

Over 6,000 tweets are posted per minute, which makes it impossible for search engines like Google to keep track of as it happens without crashing Twitter’s servers. As a result, the tweets that were indexed wouldn’t show up until a while after they were posted.

This deal will make it easier for Google to access tweets by giving them direct access to a comprehensive feed in real-time.

As a result, relevant tweets will reach potential customers in addition to loyal followers. If your business is having a limited time offer, for example, the deal will appear to your followers as well as those looking up your business.

More traffic to your Twitter site means more visits to your website (don’t forget to link to it in your Twitter bio!), so don’t forget to keep it updated as well! The goal is to attract potential customers by building a well-rounded online presence.

However, indexing tweets also means that social media should be taken more seriously. Social media accounts are an extension of the company’s brand, so posts should be made more thoughtfully, especially since they will reach a larger audience than ever before.

This change has not gone into effect yet but it will within the next couple of months, which means this is the perfect time to build up your Twitter page if you haven’t.

What can you start doing now to prepare for the change? Be sure to use your Social Publishing Tool in Mopro’s Digital Command Center to schedule and post to your social accounts.

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