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Introducing: Your New Google Ads Manager

By Brianne Slabach


We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been hand-picked by Google to integrate directly with their platform. We’re one of only 100 companies in the world that have been selected as Google Integration Partners, so yeah, we’ve been doing a lot of cartwheels.

What’s that mean for me?

We’re now able to offer our clients a complete Google Ads management tool, directly in their dashboard. Our simple, 5-step wizard makes creating campaigns fast and easy. Google Ads convert 50% better than organic traffic, so get ready to start winning more customers.

Oh, and the best news: This tool is free for current clients. You’ll only be charged by Google for the amount you select to spend on campaigns. Google offers free credits to new users, so what are you waiting for? Log in and try it out!


How does it work?

Once you’ve created a Google Ads account and we’ve collected some basic business info, you’re ready to build your campaign.

Step 1: We’ll help you define your target audience. Select what locations and languages you want your ad to appear in so you’re reaching people most likely to click.

Step 2: You’ll select the keywords you want to target. These are terms people are likely to use when searching for your business.

Step 3: You’ll write your ad. A short, sweet, and clickable description of what you do and why you do it better than your competitors.

Step 4: You’ll pin down your budget. Select a max cost per click and a max budget so you’re always in control of what you’re spending.

Step 5: Submit your campaign to Google for review and go live! Track success and monitor real-time results in your dashboard.

Coming Soon

In the next few weeks, we’re launching our Google Ads Manager Pro services. One of our Success Managers will launch your first campaign for you and build you a dedicated landing page. You can take over after that, or we can continue to manage your campaign for you for a monthly fee. Visit for more info.

Want to learn more about launching your first campaign with Google Ads Manager? Visit our Help Center. If you’re having trouble logging in to your dashboard, call us at 844-207-9038 (ext. 2).