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Featured Post: Make a Winning First Impression Online

First impressions matter. Here are five tips for how to impress people with your online presence from the start.


Not using Instagram’s Business Features? You should be.

By Kathleen Montecillo


Instagram recently made some major changes to improve the way businesses use their app. The reason for the update? To make Instagram as user-friendly and effective for brands as possible. Here’s how you can make the most of these changes and take your Insta presence to the next level.

1. Create an Instagram business profile.

An Instagram business profile makes it clear to users that you’re a business by displaying your contact details, address, and industry information on your page. The visibility of your contact info makes it easy for users to get in touch — one click on the contact button on your profile prompts them to call, text, or email you directly. Switching to a business profile is easy. When you connect your Instagram to your business’ Facebook, the information on your Facebook page automatically transfers to your Gram. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert your Instagram to a business profile, check out this video.

2. Take advantage of Insights.

Ever wonder who your followers are? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. Instagram Insights break down your followers by gender, age, and location. They even show when your followers are most active online, down to the hour. And you’re able to easily see the types of content your followers engage with most. All of these insights can help you better target your customer and share content with followers that they want to see.

3. Promote your business on Instagram.

Good news small businesses: Instagram has expanded its advertising options. You can now promote your posts, which gets your content in front of more people. You’re able to choose a target audience and set an exact budget, just with a few clicks and directly from the app. And when you pay to promote a post, you can add a call-to-action button so followers are prompted to take the action you want, like visiting your site — a clever way for your site to gain traffic.

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