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Our Top 6 Review Collection Tips

By Brianne Slabach


Reviews are such a big part of your business that you can’t leave them up to chance. Every business should be actively seeking and collecting customer reviews – they’re your bread and butter!

We’ve put together our top review collection tips. Follow these to make scoring 5-star reviews a no-brainer.

1. Don’t do it all yourself.

Maybe you’re still relying on signage in your store or on face-to-face conversations with your customers to ask for reviews. If that’s you, just know that there’s a much easier and more effective way.

If you want to see true review results, stop doing it all yourself. Our review collection platform helps you collect reviews automatically. Just select whatever customer interaction you want to trigger a review request, and we’ll send them one instantly via text and/or email. It’s frictionless! And super easy for both you and your customer.

2. Make sure your messaging speaks to your customers.

You want your customers to be excited about recommending you to others. So definitely don’t make leaving you a review sound boring, or worse, like a lot of work. Whether you’re requesting a review via email or in a text message, make sure your tone resonates with your customers.

Let your customer know their feedback is important to you. Thank them for their time, and let them know it will only take a few seconds. Don’t forget that with our platform, you can customize your review requests to speak to your exact customer.

3. Focus on the platforms that matter.

You need to make sure you’re collecting reviews on the right platforms. Google, Yelp, and Facebook are shoe-ins, but what platforms are the most important to your specific industry?

If you’re in home improvement, you might want to focus on platforms like HomeAdvisor or Angi. If you’re a realtor, Zillow or might be more your thing. Whatever review sites you’re focused on, remember that giving your customer too many choices might feel overwhelming. Just choose the ones that are most important.

4. Trigger review requests at the right time.

We usually recommend sending a review request to your customer immediately after they have an interaction with you – like when they make a purchase. This ensures that their great experience is still top of mind when they go to review you.

5. Make sure your latest reviews are displayed on your website.

Visitors to your site want to know you’re the real deal, which is why making your most recent reviews prominent is so important. The easiest way to do this is to add reviews to your site automatically.

Our platform lets you do this so you’re never having to manually add your latest reviews to your site. We can even display them as a dynamic pop-up so that they’re impossible to miss.

6. Share your reviews on social media.

You work hard for your great reviews, so we need to make sure you get the most visibility you can out of them. Sharing them on social media is the perfect way to spread news about how awesome you are. Our platform lets you do this automatically so your social audience never misses a thing.

If you’re a current client who isn’t taking advantage of our review collection solution yet, you’re not making the most out of your subscription with us! Call 844-207-9038 (ext. 2) or message us at Just say the word and we’ll set up automatic review collection for you totally free.

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