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Social Media Guide to the Holidays: How to Delight & Engage Your Followers This Season

By Kathleen Montecillo


We’re coming up on holiday season again (yeah, we can hardly believe it either). And if there’s one thing we know, it’s that the holidays are big for business. But as you’re gearing up for the season, getting in the spirit, etc., don’t forget to make sure your social media follows suit. Here are some tips for how to keep your followers engaged over the holidays and deck your platforms with some festive vibes.

Start planning NOW.

The best holiday advice ever? Plan ahead. There’s no such thing as too early when it comes to getting ahead of the holiday curve. If you’re going to have special offers/giveaways, work out the details ASAP. Then decide how you’re going to spread the word via social media and schedule your posts in advance — that way when the craziness sets in, you’re freed up.

Get some buzz going about your holiday offers.

If you’re having special offers over the holidays, social media is the place to let your fans know about them. People use social media to check out brands and bargains, so share info about your best promos. Try a weeklong countdown and post about a different offer each day — it’s a great way to get people excited about your killer deals.

Share some gift ideas.

People are prepared to spend money during the holidays, and lots of it. That makes it the perfect time to give your followers some shopping advice. Put a spotlight on some of your products/services that would make no-brainer gifts. And don’t forget to mention that it’s OK for people to buy gifts for themselves too.

Show how you’re celebrating.

When it comes to celebrating the holidays, your followers want to see how you get festive. Share how you’re adding cheer to your space with a pic of your décor or post a snap from your company get-together. People love seeing these behind-the-scenes peeks that show the fun, human side of your brand.

Create content with a holiday angle.

The holidays create a great opportunity to get creative with the content you create and share. Consider what your followers are doing during the season and what they might find helpful. That might be a recipe for a tasty treat or advice on how to avoid last-minute shopping — any way you can use your expertise to lend some holiday help.

Show how you’re giving back.

It’s the best (and most rewarding) part of the holidays: giving back. Find opportunities to do something for others during the season, whether that’s holding a food drive or volunteering in your community. Then share how you’re spreading the love on social media.

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