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Social Media Sharing Do’s and Don’ts

By Kathleen Montecillo


It’s easy to fall into the habit of just sharing your own content on social media. And while creating original content is important, your audience wants variety. Whether it’s an interesting video or a news article your followers will enjoy, sharing stuff from somewhere else keeps them from getting bored. Not sure what to share? Here’s some do’s and don’ts to stick to so you’re curating the right kind of content.

Define your audience.

Before you start looking for things to post, you have to know who your audience is and what they want to see. Knowing their preferences helps you predict what content will work and what won’t.

Do: Ask yourself: Who are the people interested in what you’re selling? What do they have in common? What kind of content do they engage with? And what information do they need from you?

Don’t: Don’t assume you know who your followers are. Do your research — study the analytics and insights on each of your platforms to learn as much about them as you can.

Identify a variety of high-quality sources.

A tricky part of sharing great content is finding the right sources. You should always make sure what you’re sharing comes from a place that’s reliable and relevant.

Do: Fact check. Sharing bogus content puts your reputation at risk. Put together a list of good sources and add to it regularly so you’re getting content from the best places.

Don’t: Don’t just share content from one or two sources — variety is key.

Share the good stuff.

So you found a reliable source? Great. Now make sure what you’re sharing from them is good. Your followers will appreciate the high-quality content and see you as a go-to source for the best info.

Do: Be relevant. Select content that relates to your brand and is beneficial to your audience at the same time.

Don’t: Don’t post just to post. Just because something is viral and popular doesn’t mean it’s something you should share. Remember to keep it relevant to your brand and its personality.

Add value.

Don’t only rely on your source to provide value. Add your own two cents. Sharing your opinion or additional info helps start conversations and shows you know what you’re talking about.

Do: Write a compelling caption that gives your audience a reason to click. Give them the gist of what the content is all about and make them want to learn more.

Don’t: Boring captions like the title of an article or a drab summary look lazy. Make sure your caption gives followers a reason to get excited about what you’re sharing.

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