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Social Media Slang Explained

By Kathleen Montecillo


Social media is a world of its own and it uses a unique language that’s constantly changing. With platforms regularly evolving and introducing new features, it can be hard to keep up. But if you’re going to be on social media, it’s important to keep track of what’s what. From memes to selfies, here are 10 commonly used social media terms you need to know.


Most social media platforms use algorithms to arrange the content you see on your news feed. These algorithms (or formulas) arrange posts so you see the stuff you’re most likely to be interested in. Algorithmic feeds make sure users don’t miss the content they care about.


A DM (or direct message) is a private message you can send to another user. In some cases, sending a DM makes more sense than having a conversation via a public post. If you need to communicate at length or talk privately, shoot that person a DM.


Geotagging is a feature on some platforms that allows you to tag your exact location. Geotagging can highlight where a photo was taken and makes it possible for people to find you when searching by a specific location.


A GIF (pronounced like “gift” without the “t”) is a small animated image. They’re used all the time on social media, usually in a funny or quirky way. They don’t fit with every type of content, but they can be used to add personality to certain posts.


Your handle is your username on social media (@moproteam, for example). Your handles should be consistent throughout all of your platforms. And mentioning another handle in your posts lets you tag that person.


Think of a hashtag like a keyword, just with a “#” before it. They’re used to add information so people can see your post when they search for that same hashtag. They’re great for getting more eyes on your content, but there is an unspoken rule that you shouldn’t overuse them — try not to use more than three in one post.

Live Streaming

Live streaming on social media allows you to share video in real time. Platforms that support live streaming can be used to share live webinars, interviews, and events. It’s good for connecting with your audience in an authentic way.


A meme (pronounced like “team”) is an image paired with text that conveys something funny. Memes are all over the Internet. Sharing a meme with your followers can capture their attention and even better, make them laugh.


A mention on social media is when someone tags your handle or username in a post. Users receive notifications when they’re mentioned. Doing this is the perfect way to give credit to someone or make sure a user sees something you want them to see.


Last but not least (because they are everywhere and you actually can’t get away from them), selfies are photos people take of themselves.

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