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The Real Costs of D.I.Y Web Design

By Kathleen Montecillo


D.I.Y websites sound great in theory: they’re inexpensive and you want a quick fix. But think about it like this: Would you depend on a spare tire to get you through a cross-country road trip? Spares aren’t engineered to last; expecting reliability and performance from it can be an expensive mistake.

The same logic goes for your website. A D.I.Y site might seem like a fast way to get your business online, but like a spare tire can’t be relied upon for durability, D.I.Y websites can’t be relied upon to capture leads and bring in business. They’re simply not built to achieve those results.

Here's why D.I.Y platforms aren't the solution for many SMBs:

1. D.I.Y sites take a lot of time to create.

Time is money. And the amount of time you spend building your site is time you should be spending on better things, like running your business. You’ll have to learn how to use a site-building platform, gather all your content, and spend countless hours making revisions. Chances are web design is not your forte – so why spend valuable hours stitching together a basic website that you’ll end up only settling for? Plus, if you’re thinking long-term, you’ll need to factor in the amount of time you'll spend updating your site as technology and design trends change.

2. D.I.Y sites lose leads.

Your website is your ultimate selling tool: it has the power to attract customers from an audience of millions. That’s why your website must engage leads and convert them into customers. D.I.Y sites fall short here, lacking the strategic eye of a trained web designer for proper calls-to-action, content and more.

3. D.I.Y sites limit your brand identity.

D.I.Y sites are templated, which means thousands of other businesses may have your exact layout. Not only that, but you’ll be forced to fit your entire brand identity into small sections determined by your template. You won’t have the liberty of adding new modules or featuring a video wherever you want. Your business is unique and you have your own story to tell. You shouldn't have to force your brand to squeeze into a one-size-fits-all template.

When deciding between website providers, it’s important to take into consideration how this decision will impact your business. While D.I.Y websites can be a cheap solution, the time you have to invest often costs you more than you know.

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