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What Your Colors Say About Your Brand’s Personality

By Brianne Martin


Ever look at a logo and just feel a certain way? One look and you know you can trust this business with your money. Or one look and you know this is a company that sells elegance. Well, it’s not only the design of a brand’s logo that makes you have the feels. It’s the colors they use. Colors play a big part in giving off a certain vibe and message to your customers. So when it comes to your brand, what are you making people feel?


If you want to catch attention, red is one way to go. Red gives off a powerful, passionate, and even playful vibe. A lot of brands use red since it’s a versatile color, but too much can scare people away since it’s often used to signal “stop”.


Blue is just as popular as red, but it has a completely different message. Blue gives off a calming, trustworthy vibe. A lot of tech brands use this color to make their customers feel a sense of security, which encourages conversion.


If you want to set a fun and exciting tone, go with orange. It’s a mix of the passionate red and the happy vibe of yellow, so it gives off an enthusiastic feel to your customers.


When we see yellow, we usually think about the sun, and talk about warm feelings… If you want your brand to give off an optimistic feel, using yellow is the way to go. A lot of brands use it to convey happiness and positivity.


Money, nature, health… We usually see green in these things. Green is associated with energy and wealth. It also gives off a very calm and positive vibe.


A combination of the calming blue and the passionate red, purple signals royalty and luxury. While red gives off a fiery kind of power, purple gives off a royal kind of strength. If you want to show how sophisticated your brand is, purple is your match.


Black gives off a mysterious, authoritative vibe. Black can also feel elegant and modern, but sometimes it can be perceived as aggressive.


White gives off light and pure feels. A lot of people associate white with cleanliness and safety.

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