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Why You Should be Your Competition’s Most Loyal Social Media Follower

By Kathleen Montecillo


Chances are that when you started out on social media, you put all your focus on your own brand. And that’s OK. Making sure everything is in place, whether it’s your strategy or content, is key. But while you’re getting your social media in good shape, make sure you’re not forgetting that your competition is on there too. And getting a better grasp on what they’re doing can give you an edge. Here are five reasons why you should be keeping an eye on them.

1. Know your competition better to be the best.

Checking out the social media strategies of your top competitors can teach you a lot. If they’re doing something really great on social media or if they’re doing something majorly wrong, you should know about it. Learning what works and doesn’t for other brands in your industry can help you choose what might be best for you.

2. Learn what it takes to stand out.

If you’re posting content that’s too similar to your competition’s, you’re going to have a real hard time standing out. Track what they’re sharing and figure out what it will take for your content to have an edge. Unique posts with a punch of personality are less likely to be ignored and more likely to get a lot more love.

3. Find out what their customers think about them.

Sure, it’s more important for you to know what your customers think about you, but knowing what people are saying about your competitors is valuable too. Are their customers happy with their product? Do they love the customer service they’re getting? Listen to what people are saying on social and use this buzz to your advantage.

4. Track and compare their customer service.

The more you can learn about what it takes to make your customers happy, the better — and the way your competitors approach customer service on social media can teach you a lot. Watch how they respond to both positive and negative comments/reviews. You might pick up on a few techniques that will help you communicate with your own customers.

5. Get inspired to be more yourself.

Once you’ve checked up on your competition’s social media game, put the focus back on your brand and what makes it different from the rest. Your unique branding and voice make you one of a kind, so don’t feel the need to copy anyone else. Focus on being as “you” as possible.

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