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Would you be best friends with your brand?

By Brianne Martin


It’s probably an idea you’ve heard of before: imagining who your business would be like as a real life person. It’s an effective technique for developing branding and it’s fun to think about. But when it comes to the very best brand of people, who your brand should be like, and who can teach us a lot about being awesome, your best friend can’t be beat. Here are a few lessons we’ve learned from best friends and how you can apply them to the way you do business.

Best friends just get you.

No one knows us like our best friends. They often know us better than we know ourselves. It’s why they’re the ones we go to when we need advice and that kind of first-class life support you can’t get anywhere else. The business lesson here? Know your customers, i.e. take the time to develop relationships with them. Learn how to anticipate their needs better than they can and find solutions to problems they don’t even know they have.

They’re there when you need them (even when it’s massively inconvenient).

There’s a reason why best friends are the ones we can call anytime, day or night. It’s because when we need them most, they pull through. They don’t give excuses — they just show up. The brands that are best at customer service excel because they’re there for customers, and we’re talking beyond the 9 to 5. So if you need an example of how to be dependable, check out best friends.

Their listening skills don’t quit.

Major thanks to all the best friends out there who have heard our stories, our complaints, and our problems, each a million times. Why do they do that? Because they like us a lot. And we know that because they listen. So never skip out on an opportunity to listen to your customers and let them know they’re being heard. Listening isn’t always easy (just ask your BFF), but when it comes to lending an ear, you should be a brand people can count on.

They’re loyal beyond belief.

Best friends don’t give up on us. Through highs and lows, they’re always there. They’ve even stuck around despite a few fights and falling outs. And if there’s one thing best friends have shown us, it’s loyalty. Be the kind of brand customers want to stay loyal to. Don’t stop going all out for your customers and they won’t bail on you. That’s how this whole friendship thing works, and in business, it isn’t any different.

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