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Your Mom is the Most Successful Marketer we Know

By Kathleen Montecillo


We love moms. They’re nice. They did us a major solid by giving birth to us, and they love us — sometimes because they have to. These are reasons enough to think mom is awesome, but here’s a little known fact: Mom is a killer marketer. Here are five things she’s mastered that you should too.

1. Great products/services: She’s good at the “mom thing.”

Offer a great product/service and the rest will come. Mom has this one down. She’s so good at what she does that she’s entirely indispensable. The first thing marketers need to do is, well … have something worth knowing about. If you have a primo product or service, the rest will follow.

2. Word of mouth: Your friends love her.

Mom has word of mouth handled. She used to give your friends rides home or make them grilled cheeses after school (incentives). In college, friends who couldn’t make it home for the holidays were invited over by mom. She has everyone’s back. Don’t forget about the value of word of mouth — it’s alive and well. If you always go above and beyond for your clients, you’ll see this firsthand.

3. Crisis management: She’s always amazed you by how fast she can clean up a spill.

There are some messes we still defer to mom for, be it spilled milk or a level-five life disaster. She’s just always been the best at making things better. Marketers always have to be prepared for a crisis. Mom is the queen of proactivity — she’s worried her way through a few drafts of this plan. Ever since you got an uncooked bean stuck in your ear when you were a kid, she knows as well as anybody that anything can happen.

4. Transparency: She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty or show her “human.”

Mom admits when she’s wrong. She’s not perfect and she knows it. Lesson? Don’t be afraid to let people know you’re human. No one is a whiz at everything, and you know what? Perfect is hard to love. Transparency is attractive.

5. The follow-up: She might be calling you right now.

When you’re both busy you might not talk that often, but chances are she doesn’t let you go too long without giving her a life update. Yes, mom is the master of follow-up — even if her calls manage to come at the weirdest or most inopportune moment of your day. Ugh, in our world, that’s love.

Have any lessons from mom to add? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter @moproteam. And to the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day — thanks for putting up with all of us.