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How to Freshen up Your Site for the New Year

By Brianne Slabach


There’s no better time than the new year to freshen up your site’s content. If you’re sick of the same old, you can bet your visitors will be too. It’s time to brush the dust off your website. Start the year strong and make sure you’re ready to convert in 2020 with these tips.

Start with a QC.

Step one is looking at your website with fresh eyes. Chances are you haven’t read every word or checked all your pages in a while, so start there. Be on the lookout for content that sounds stale, broken links, old images, etc. And make sure all your business info is up-to-date: contact information, hours, logos, etc. Bonus points for checking this on your social media too.

Upload some new photos and/or videos.

It’s important to keep your photos and videos fresh, so do an audit on your visuals. Do you have new product videos? How about shots of your team or location? Don’t wait for these to become tired or outdated before swapping them out.

Visit your About section.

It’s tough to write about yourself, which means writing your About section probably wasn’t a breeze. Read through and see if you can breathe some new life into it. Maybe you opened a new location or started a new chapter last year. Either way, a fresh perspective could boost your creativity.

Ponder your CTAs.

Take another look at your CTAs and consider making a few tweaks. Do they still sound compelling and click-worthy? Or do you have some new ideas to make them more actionable? If you’re wondering what makes a CTA that converts, we have some wisdom to share here.

Get an SSL certificate (if you haven’t already).

Google is cracking down on website security. Its latest step is marking all non-https sites as “not secure”. If you don’t have an SSL certificate yet, get one. It gets you into the https club and makes sure any information passed between your site and your visitors is totally secure. If you’re a Mopro client, email so we can add this for you.

Rethink your keywords.

Perhaps the most important tune-up is checking in on how you’re targeting searchers. What are people searching to find you online? Are you thinking about local search? Come up with some new keyword variations and do some research to see which keywords are most popular with users.

Don’t forget your blog.

Head over to your blog. When’s the last time you posted something? If your answer has you saying “Yikes!” it’s time to start planning ahead for the year to come. Set a posting goal (starting small is OK) and then create a content calendar to keep you on track.

Good news Mopro clients: A.I. Editor in your Digital Command Center makes website updates easy. Visit our Help Center to learn how to make edits fast.