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How to Maximize Your Mopro Subscription
By Sam Alex Christudhas


Attention all clients: Your Mopro subscription includes certain perks you may not be taking advantage of! These features could be making your life easier, so it would be a super shame if you didn’t start using them right away.

Here are seven things included in every Mopro subscription. Read along even if you think you know it all. It will be so worth it if you learn something new.

1. Take advantage of do-it-for-me service.

Mopro is a do-it-for-you solution, which means we’re here to make on-demand website updates for you. No request is too big or too small for our support team. If you like making updates to your site yourself, you’re welcome to, but why not let us lighten your load?

New photos, updated text, even a new design – we’re here to help with all of it. We’re also here to help with your marketing suite. If you’re creating an email campaign and get stuck, launching a Google Ad and feel in the dark, we’re here to come to your rescue.

If you have a request for us, the easiest way to submit it is via We’re also available over the phone at 844-207-9038 (ext. 2). Keep in mind, our office hours are Monday–Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Pacific time.

2. Put review collection on auto pilot.

One of the solutions we’ve included in your subscription is Get 5 Star Reviews, and we can’t sing its praises enough. It lets you send customizable review requests to your customers via text and/or email. It helps you collect 5-star reviews on the world’s top review platforms (18 total and counting).

The best part of this solution is that we fully automate it for you. We’ll integrate with whatever tool you use to manage customers – HubSpot, Stripe, Square, and 400+ others – so a review request is automatically triggered based on the interaction of your choice.

You can’t really put a price on being able to collect reviews in your sleep, but if we had to, based on our competitors, we’d price it at about $200/mo, and that’s a conservative estimate. And it’s worth repeating: This feature is included in your subscription with us at no extra cost.

3. Simplify your social calendar.

We know it’s easy for social media to become an afterthought. But with our Social Calendar in your corner, you could be saving time and making your social strategy a heck of a lot easier to follow through on.

It lets you schedule posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr so you’re never behind on your posting. Our favorite part is that it comes with pre-curated content built in so you can combine custom posts about your business with posts that entertain, educate, and inspire.

Other solutions like this start at about $60/mo (another conservative number). And you guessed it. This is already a part of your subscription.

4. Amp up your email marketing efforts.

We’ve written lots about why email should be a key part of your marketing strategy. It’s why we included an email marketing solution in our product suite! It just wouldn’t be complete without it.

Our platform is powerful and easy to use. And we should know, because we use it ourselves! With automation, segmentation, and advanced analytics, it has everything you need to send super smart emails.

5. Try launching Google Ads.

We recommend that all of our clients spend at least some money on Google Ads (learn why here). The thing is, the Google Ads platform can be tricky to navigate and confusing to say the least. That’s why we simplified it with Google Ads Manager in your Mopro dashboard.

We cut out the extras so you can launch a campaign in five easy steps with no expertise required. Our platform guides you through it, and it’s free to use. You’ll only pay Google the amount you select to spend on ads.

6. Manage your reputation.

We didn’t want you to have to go and pay someone else for a fancy reputation management solution, so we built Reputation Manager. It lets you track what people are saying about your business everywhere online, and you need to be tracking.

Seriously, the visibility of this tool is hard to beat, so make it go to work for you.

7. Track your competitors.

Last on our list, but very dear to our hearts, is Competition Tracker. It’s a unique solution that lets you see what people are saying about your top competitors online.

Track your competitor’s reviews, sales, promotions, product launches, etc. This could be the missing piece in your competitive strategy! We’ll set it up for you, all we need is for you to give us the green light.

If you’re a current client and you’re ready to start maximizing your subscription, call 844-207-9038 (ext. 2) or message us at

Interested in joining the thousands of small business owners growing their business online with Mopro? Email to get started.